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ABI Energy, Ltd. Israeli-based startup develops technology related to pipeline transportation of medium flow. Our product suppresses turbulence in the pipeline using pressure waves generator (PWG);  

generating low frequency pressure waves suppresses turbulence in the flow which leads to the reduction of friction losses and energy consumption in the pipeline transportation process.



The implementation of our solution should significantly:

- Decrease energy consumption by water, condensate or brine pipeline transportation systems, which could reach up to 30% in savings.

- Increase the capacity of water, condensate or brine pipeline systems, which could reach up to 30%

- Decrease adhesion, corrosion and bacterial actions on the inner surfaces of water, condensate or brine pipelines, reduce their maintenance cost and increase systems lifetime up to 1.3 - 1.5 times.

- Improvement of the environment




Savings in energy consumption in global water, oil, and gas markets are an important segment in the savings of expenditures of these three markets. Estimated  electricity consumption of 240 terawatt

hours (TWh), the market size of global annual energy savings in the water market are 10 Billion

Dollars, with 12 % annual growth, in the oil market are 13 Billion Dollars, with 9 % annual growth, and in the gas market are 7 Billion Dollars with 10 % annual growth.


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